With Orthly™, you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted for much less than other aligners, but with the confidence that a trained dentist is overseeing your treatment. Relax and Smile Dental Care is an Orthly™ certified office, and we are proud to offer this orthodontic solution for a price everyone can afford.

How is Orthly™ Different?
With more expensive aligner options, multiple visits to an orthodontist are required. The cost of those aligners is also much the same as traditional braces, so while aligners are more comfortable, they can still be costly. On the other end of the spectrum are strictly mail-order aligners, which are significantly cheaper, but don’t include being seen in person by a certified professional. This can lead to problems down the road with your treatment.

Orthly™ is different, though – the only time you’ll need to be seen in person is usually during the first appointment, where we will take impressions and make sure you are the right candidate for aligners. After that, your treatment will be handled by the dental professionals at Orthly™, and most patients will not need additional appointments. Despite these extras and the confidence that comes with knowing you will be fitted appropriately and evaluated for your aligners, the cost is about the same as the numerous mail-order-only aligners.

What Does it Cost to Straighten My Smile with Orthly™?
We believe straightforward pricing is essential to making wise financial choices and reduces the stress that often surrounds procedures such as dental work and braces. That is why our pricing is clear – for simple cases, Orthly™ costs $1,900 (or as low as $88 per month if you qualify for Affirm monthly payments) and $2,600 for complex cases (or as low as $122 per month with Affirm). Orthly™ also accepts HSA/FSA cards as well, making it even easier to get your dream smile!

If you have questions about Orthly™ or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (305) 358-3384.