Teeth-grinding, or bruxism, is a condition that affects approximately 8-10% of the population chronically, although many more than that experience it occasionally. It is particularly prevalent while sleeping, and some people may not even know they do it unless they begin having secondary symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, and damage to their teeth.

Generally, bruxism is caused by things such as anxiety, stress, tension, sleep disorders, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and certain medications; although, less frequently, it is possible to experience chronic teeth-grinding with no discernible cause.

Unfortunately, there is no known “cure” for bruxism, only various ways to address the symptoms caused by it. One such remedy is hypnosis, which is listed by the Bruxism Association as a clinically proven method of treatment.

The reason hypnosis is so effective at treating a condition such as bruxism is that it targets the unconscious. Teeth-grinding is a prime example of unconscious behavior; however, that doesn’t mean it cannot be controlled. Although this behavior can ultimately be controlled, it is often not one that a person can directly will themselves to change, especially since it is frequently done while one is asleep.

During hypnosis, we will place you in a state of deep relaxation wherein your mind is more receptive to the power of suggestion. While under hypnosis, you will be taught techniques to manage the root causes of your teeth-grinding, effectively reducing or eliminating the unwanted behavior.

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