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Natural teeth are quite strong and don’t become damaged very easily. But, severe trauma can sometimes chip the edges or result in cracks in the teeth. In some cases, these types of problems are caused by factors like a poor diet, accidents etc. as well. Not only do damaged teeth affect the appearance of your smile but can also impact your oral health. This makes it important to consult the Best dentist Miami at Relax and Smile Dental Care. Modern dental technology has advanced in a big way and today there are treatments like crowns in Miami, FL which can be used to restore the appearance of damaged teeth. Our reputed and leading dentist Miami, Dr. Cabrera, is highly experienced in treating all types of dental problems. She will conduct a detailed examination of your damaged tooth in order to determine whether a crown is the right treatment for you.

What Are Dental Crowns?

These dental prosthetics could be made of ceramic or porcelain. The crowns or caps are affixed to the natural tooth and help restore its look. The caps are extremely resilient and last for a number of years as long as they are maintained well.

When Would I Need A Crown?

Are you looking for high-quality and affordable dental crowns? As mentioned, dental crowns are used to cap damaged or deteriorated teeth and our dentist in Miami, FL will recommend them if a patient has:

Large Fillings
If you have a very large filling, it can weaken the tooth’s structure, making it more prone to damage. Placing a crown over it is one of the best ways to prevent deterioration and add strength to the existing tooth and its socket.

Root Canal
Once a root canal has been done, a dental crown would need to be
placed over the tooth to protect it and strengthen the structure.

Chipped Or Cracked Teeth
Teeth that have cracks or have become chipped or damaged in any way are more vulnerable to infections and decay. In addition, they mar the appearance of your smile as well. The best way to restore the appearance of cracked or chipped teeth is to get dental crowns in Miami, FL fixed on them.

Any Cosmetic Reasons
Full Smile Make-overs are a very common dental treatment in the Miami, FL area. Miami Florida is one of the cites where appearance is a priority.

For information on our crowns in Miami, FL and other dental services, feel free to contact Relax and Smile Dental Care by Dr. Cabrera at (305) 358-3384. You can schedule an appointment through this page too. As a modern dental office, we use the latest and most advanced technology to provide world-class dental care to our patients.