Restore Your Smile With Dental Restorations

Restore Your Smile With Dental Restorations from Relax and Smile Dental Care in Miami, FLNumerous things can interfere with a good smile. Whether it is a missing, cracked, chipped, damaged, or decayed tooth, dental restorations help improve how you look, prevent future dental issues, and improve the function of your teeth and mouth. Depending on the type and severity of the issue, there are various restoration procedures available.

Benefits of dental restorations

Some people may focus on the aesthetic and confidence-building benefits of fixing teeth, but there are other advantages. If infection or decay remains untreated, the problem can get worse, which may lead to tooth loss or infection that spreads to the gums. A missing tooth can result in shifting teeth, jawbone loss, difficulty chewing, and instability of the teeth. The benefits of restoring these problems include:

  • Improved oral health
  • Normal chewing function
  • Better speaking ability
  • Bone preservation
  • Tooth loss prevention

Types of restorations

After conducting a thorough exam, the dentist will review the options for dental restorations. The one you choose is generally based on the specific issue, the severity of the problem, your aesthetic goals, and your budget.


A dental filling restores a tooth that has a cavity. This is a relatively simple procedure that is completed in one visit. Most dentists use a tooth-colored material so the filling is not noticeable. A filling is generally an option when the decay is not so severe that it has affected the whole tooth.

Dental crowns

A crown may be used for a variety of dental issues. A common one is to cover a damaged or severely decayed tooth. A crown matches your natural teeth, and it covers the entire damaged tooth. A crown is also used as an anchor for bridges and as the artificial tooth of an implant. The placement of a crown usually takes two visits.


Veneers help cover small cracks or chips, and they may also be used to fix minor gaps. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is placed and bonded to the front of the tooth. It typically takes two dental visits to complete this procedure.


Dentures are one option for those missing one or more teeth. A partial denture is for one or a few missing teeth, while a full denture is used when most of the teeth in the mouth need to be replaced. Dentures rest on top of the gums, and they are removable. The placement of dentures usually takes two or three appointments.


Implants are another option for teeth replacement. Implants are inserted into the jawbone for support, and then crowns are placed on top. This is a more invasive procedure than other replacement options, and it takes multiple visits and months to complete the process.

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If individuals want to improve their smiles, dental restorations may provide the answer. Fixing dental issues early on prevents things from getting worse, and patients can choose from several options for treating problems and restoring teeth to enhance appearance and function.

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