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Cosmetic Bonding

What is Cosmetic Bonding? 

Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that allows the dentist to reshape or repair teeth smile using composite resin. Cosmetic bonding is  ideal if you’re insecure about the appearance of your smile or want an affordable alternative to invasive and more costly procedures such as orthodontics or veneers.

Chipped or uneven teeth can be easily repaired with bonding affordably. The procedure can take under 45 minutes and is not invasive.

As with most cosmetic procedures, bonding will wear and discolor over time, eventually needing to be replaced; however, bonding is very durable and typically lasts many years.  

Reasons for cosmetic bonding:

  • Closing spaces or gaps
  • Fixing chipped teeth
  • Fixing decayed teeth (teeth with cavities)
  • Lengthening uneven teeth
  • Protecting roots exposed by receding gums
  • Restoring badly discolored teeth


                                                      BEFORE                                                      AFTER



What to Expect:

​1) The dentist will isolate the teeth included in the procedure

2) He will then apply etching conditioning liquid so that the teeth will have crevices that allow the tooth to bond better with the bonding agent. 

3) The dentist will apply the bonding resin to put the composite in place. He will apply several layers of tooth colored composite. The material is then shaped and hardened. 

4) The teeth are smoothed, buffed, and polished to look natural. 

To begin, the dentist will isolate the teeth included in the procedure, etching them in preparation for bonding.  After 

If you want to regain confidence in your smile, contact our practice to learn more about bonding.

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